Mon petite bijou

Malagasy Cotons

of Coco cotons


My name is Mon Petite Bijou, it means My Little Jewel in French.


My mommy named me this because when I was born I had the most perfect little diamond right in the center of my forehead. Also, she thought it was appropriate that since I am a Malagasy Certified Coton De Tulear (pronounced "coe-TAWN d' too-lay-ARRR) and that’s an awfully big name for a breed, that I should have a big name too! I just go by Bijou though when out in public...

I like to do whatever my mommy is doing, I generally just follow her around from room to room, helping her clean, play, cook or just plain keeping her company so she doesn't feel lonely. We got a new addition to our family last year, a human baby I also help mommy watch him, and I like to play (tug, ball, chase, and hide & seek) with him and bark at him to make him laugh. He’s growing on me now that he can actually pet me.

I love to go for rides in the car, for long walks, I like to chase cats, birds, or anything else that ends up in the back yard. I love to lay out in the sun, my favorite is when mommy and I share a lounge chair and I get to lay between her legs. I love to sleep in the bed with my parents...I have learned that if I stay by their feet they wiggle less. I am an excellent guard dog, and am very protective of my mom and brother. I like other small children, and will warm up to most humans in my own time. I like other dogs (unless they are just mean).

I hope that this helps you get a better idea of who I am and what I enjoy. I can’t wait to meet you!

Ciao for now!